Maine Won’t Wait

Branding, Content, Digital, Environmental, Motion, Print

Maine’s Office of Policy and Innovation for the Future (GOPIF) released a Climate Action Plan in December 2020. The challenge? Gaining widespread understanding and building momentum around the Plan’s actions and recommendations, needed to reach the state’s ambitious goals for emissions reduction, resilience planning, and economic growth.

Starting in 2021, Better Yet Studio and partner Black Fly Media worked alongside GOPIF to increase awareness, buy-in, and action aligned with Maine’s Climate Action Plan. We started with careful audience research and communication strategy, leading to brand development, graphic design, web design and development, social media strategy, video, digital and print collateral, and a 6-month public relations campaign. As a culmination, we organized, led and managed the Climate Summit event in June of 2022 that was keynoted by Governor Janet Mills and Congressional Representative Chellie Pingree.

550 person summit with 24 speakers: 90% of attendees would likely reattend next year
PR activity: 140 media hits, increase of 46% from 2021 to 2022
Ad equivalency for paid coverage: $519M
Overall reach: 684M people were exposed to our news in 2022