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In the last quarter century we’ve experienced a huge cultural focus on “happiness” and methods of getting happy. From Freudian to Eastern-inspired, scientifically sanctioned to plain old self-help, there is a flavor to match each customer’s comfort zone.

Mood-tuner combines tactics from many of these schools and packages it in a brand and vehicle comfortable for Gen Y. Mood-tuner is a mobile app that let’s the user choose their current state of mind, and then guides them through a short interactive practice to shift their thinking to a more positive and productive state.

In language and marketing we struck a tone that is understanding, and treats emotional ups and downs as a fact of life. A set of viral videos speak the truth about modern emotional experiences in a way that takes away to stigma that people can sometimes feel about feeling badly. As a result, without any paid marketing, the app received 4 star customer rating on the iTunes store.