Soap for Sinners

Branding, Content, Print

If you’ve been into a gift store recently, you’ll know that hand-made cold-processed soap is a trend, and there are lots of cottage producers. How then to make one of these small brands stand out and build a sustainable business model?

For Soap for Sinners, we developed the positioning “Cleansing for the Modern World” – an attitude of embracing the grittiness of modern life, because you know you can let it all go with a good cleanse. “From work stress to a toxic relationship, just wash it off down the drain. Soap for Sinners alchemizes modern dirt into simple, poignant, beautiful life moments.”

Central to this concept is photography that appreciates everyday moments for all their mundanity and beauty. We developed a set of cards called “mood cleansers” to accompany each bar of soap, to inject poetry into the everyday and make a ritual out of the act of lathering up a Soap for Sinners bar.