We Are Intuit

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Fostering leadership is one of the most important jobs for a corporate executive. The more capable and empowered internal managers are, the more effectively the business will solve its problems and move ahead. But how to grow the leaders that the business needs?

At Intuit, every year the CEO hand chooses managers who have stood out the previous year and honors them with a very special award. Our task was to make the experience of winning this award one that “money can’t buy” – an experience that is meaningful and inspiring in a whole new way. We accomplish this every year by custom designing content and gifts that tell a personal and compelling story to each winner, and help them get into the mindset of the next level.

In just four years, the CEO Leadership Award has become a coveted and storied prize at Intuit, and the winners have uniformly remarked what an exhilarating and transformative experience it has been.