Maine Won’t Wait10.13.22

Maine’s Office of Policy and Innovation for the Future (GOPIF) released a Climate Action Plan in December 2020. The challenge? Gaining widespread understanding and building momentum around the Plan’s actions and recommendations, needed to reach the state’s ambitious goals for emissions reduction, resilience planning, and economic growth. Starting in 2021, Better Yet Studio and partner […]

Hey, 201606.29.16

Latest in an ongoing series of New Year video greetings from event and marketing company Blue Goose. This year the mood is feisty and ready to take on the world.

NYC Dept. of Design & Construction12.21.15

The New York City Dept. of Design and Construction builds and maintains the buildings and infrastructure that keep one of the world’s greatest cities functioning. However, as in many large bureaucracies, many employees were disconnected from a sense of the importance of their work. With the arrival of a New Commissioner, we undertook a brand refresh, […]


In the last quarter century we’ve experienced a huge cultural focus on “happiness” and methods of getting happy. From Freudian to Eastern-inspired, scientifically sanctioned to plain old self-help, there is a flavor to match each customer’s comfort zone. Mood-tuner combines tactics from many of these schools and packages it in a brand and vehicle comfortable for Gen […]