Maine Won’t Wait10.13.22

Maine’s Office of Policy and Innovation for the Future (GOPIF) released a Climate Action Plan in December 2020. The challenge? Gaining widespread understanding and building momentum around the Plan’s actions and recommendations, needed to reach the state’s ambitious goals for emissions reduction, resilience planning, and economic growth. Starting in 2021, Better Yet Studio and partner […]


Poster design to celebrate the mission of the Kindling Fund, an artist grant from SPACE gallery funded by the Andy Warhhol Foundation. MAKE ART, EVERY DAY, EVERY WHERE, FOR EVERY BODY.

Kindling Fund Retrospective04.23.20

To celebrate 5 years of the Kindling Fund, a program of small grants for artist projects across Maine, SPACE Gallery commissioned a retrospective of all the work they have supported.

Treehouse Institute09.14.18

How do you articulate the mission of a social innovation nonprofit that does not neatly fit into any boxes? How do you create an event that doesn’t just tell people about your brand, but provides a strong experience of your brand? Context The Treehouse Institute is a small, highly creative non-profit in the social innovation […]


Maine’s forest industry has experienced decline in recent years as global markets have shifted dramatically. The rise of the internet and e-communications has led to less demand for printing paper, and with that the closure of 5 of 11 pulp and paper mills in the state since 2014. These plants were sited in small, rural […]

Bayside Adapts06.28.17

Sea level rise will seriously impact the Bayside neighborhood in Portland, ME. The City of Portland wanted to run a design competition to solicit visionary responses to the challenge from designers. We developed and identity for the program and submission materials, in order to engage the desired audience in the problem. The competition was a great […]

Maine Startup & Create Week website06.27.17

Maine Startup & Create Week needed a new visual identity and user experience that felt as vibrant and innovative as the content at the conference and the startups they support, but still unique to Maine and this particular context. Based on a strategic phase of user research, we developed an identity system inspired by Maine’s outdoor […]

Maine Startup & Create Week 2017 Event Design06.26.17

Maine Startup & Create Week is an annual conference in Portland, ME whose goal is to foster the innovation and startup economy in the state. Going into its fourth year, there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm behind the event, but it suffered from a lack of clarity in its goals, and also wanted to […]

Hey, 201606.29.16

Latest in an ongoing series of New Year video greetings from event and marketing company Blue Goose. This year the mood is feisty and ready to take on the world.

Commodore Barry Pool12.21.15

Commodore Barry Park is located next to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and named after a revolutionary war hero, John Barry. Barry was a heroic figure who was instrumental in starting the U.S. Navy, but who is not widely known today. We used the walls of the pool as an opportunity to introduce Barry and his […]