Maine Won’t Wait10.13.22

Maine’s Office of Policy and Innovation for the Future (GOPIF) released a Climate Action Plan in December 2020. The challenge? Gaining widespread understanding and building momentum around the Plan’s actions and recommendations, needed to reach the state’s ambitious goals for emissions reduction, resilience planning, and economic growth. Starting in 2021, Better Yet Studio and partner […]

Katahdin Gazetteer04.23.20

The Katahdin region in Maine has a long and prosperous history of paper making, but the industry started a gradual decline in the 1980s, culminating with the closure of the last mill in 2014. The loss of its primary employers was devastating to the local economy, resulting in population loss and economic depression. However, the […]


Poster design to celebrate the mission of the Kindling Fund, an artist grant from SPACE gallery funded by the Andy Warhhol Foundation. MAKE ART, EVERY DAY, EVERY WHERE, FOR EVERY BODY.

Kindling Fund Retrospective04.23.20

To celebrate 5 years of the Kindling Fund, a program of small grants for artist projects across Maine, SPACE Gallery commissioned a retrospective of all the work they have supported.

Treehouse Institute09.14.18

How do you articulate the mission of a social innovation nonprofit that does not neatly fit into any boxes? How do you create an event that doesn’t just tell people about your brand, but provides a strong experience of your brand? Context The Treehouse Institute is a small, highly creative non-profit in the social innovation […]


Maine’s forest industry has experienced decline in recent years as global markets have shifted dramatically. The rise of the internet and e-communications has led to less demand for printing paper, and with that the closure of 5 of 11 pulp and paper mills in the state since 2014. These plants were sited in small, rural […]

Imagine Portland06.29.17

Portland Maine is a popular and growing city, and the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce wants to claim a leadership role in marshaling the conversation around managing the growth. To kick off the initiative, named “Imagine Portland,” they held an event to bring all their constituents together and learn about the case for growth. We created the branding, invitation and event […]

Maine Startup & Create Week website06.27.17

Maine Startup & Create Week needed a new visual identity and user experience that felt as vibrant and innovative as the content at the conference and the startups they support, but still unique to Maine and this particular context. Based on a strategic phase of user research, we developed an identity system inspired by Maine’s outdoor […]

Maine Startup & Create Week 2017 Event Design06.26.17

Maine Startup & Create Week is an annual conference in Portland, ME whose goal is to foster the innovation and startup economy in the state. Going into its fourth year, there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm behind the event, but it suffered from a lack of clarity in its goals, and also wanted to […]

Town + Gown06.30.16

Town + Gown is a research program that links advanced students with real-world civic problems from the New York City government. Its annual program encompasses live events and symposia, as well as an annual publication of its research. The program provides an exciting opportunity for motivated students to encounter important practical government issues. Our on-going branding, event […]